Mulch Nylon

  • Prevent weed growth
  • Prevent frostbite in winter
  • Expansion of rooting in soil layers
  • Available in widths of 80 to 160 cm by Pooshan Plastic Company
  • Available in black, silver and white for different weather conditions

Mulch cover nylon is made of polyethylene, which is used for protecting and improving soil quality on expansive ground surface. This product is used to prevent growth of weeds and soil water evaporation. Mulch nylon is one of the subcategories of wide nylons, which is manufactured in widths of 80 to 160 cm on the basis of type of cultivation by Pooshan Plastic Company. The advantages of mulch nylon include preserving soil humidity, preventing the growth weeds, preventing chilblains in the winter, increasing root growth in soil layers, etc.
Agricultural mulch nylon is also used for packaging fodder in 30-kilogram bags in various dimensions, thickness, and colors. This type of packaging is suitable for preserving products for one year due to enjoying UV layer.
Several properties of mulch stretch manufactured in Pooshan Plastic complex include:

• Enjoying world latest technology and machinery, using high-quality raw materials in manufacturing products
• Enjoying UV resistant layer and resistant to direct sunlight
• Possibility of manufacturing mulch films in black, silver, and white on the basis of the different weather conditions
• Enjoying high-quality and cost-effective in comparison to the similar foreign products
• Reducing the cost of packaging in comparison to other similar products
• High resistance to stretching and environmental stresses caused by wind and irrigation, plus high lifespan and efficiency

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