Innovation means transforming knowledge into new products and services or into new processes and new working methods. Innovation stimulates competition and affects our very existence. It creates jobs, increases growth and mobilises factors that can help a nation to improve the competitive strength of its economy. Innovation is the result of the total process of developing an idea into a product or a new way of working which adds value to the business. Innovation embraces everything from hatching an idea to reaching the marketplace with a new or improved product.­

Pooshan Plastic Co. has consistently responded to challenges and opportunities with tireless innovation, bold creativity, and entrepreneurial passion.

By focusing on innovation and strategic partnerships with specialized technology firms, Pooshan Plastic’s approach to this evolving industry brings significant cost savings to businesses with large distribution networks.

Each year, we make a significant investment in our research and development centers so that we can formulate new proprietary material blends and be the first to market with new production technologies. Pooshan Plastic Co. can reduce your film consumption and drive savings into your bottom line.

Our New Products:

Easy open polyethylene film
Two side color film (different color)
Polyethylene film for protection tape or film with two side printable or lamination
Colored stretch
According to our principle ‘YOUR SUCCESS IN OUR FILM!’ we offer innovative and modern packaging solutions for different fields of application. We are highly innovative and always close to our customers. Our ability to make quick decisions allows us to react efficiently to the requirements of the market.

The concept of customer satisfaction is therefore one of Pooshan Plastic’s main objectives: the care of customers or their needs is determined by a number of operational aspects concerning the constant improvement of products and applied technology, the constant prevention of problems linked to the product, in order to improve its quality and reliability.


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