Company Intoduction

Pooshan Plastic Co. As one of the subsidiaries of PMA Industrial Group, has started its business since 2001 with the aim of increasing the quality of packaging. At present, the company adopts eight advanced production lines in line with world standards as well as the most experienced personnel in the production of superior packaging products.

quality policy

Pooshan Plastic Company selects its quality assurance model based on the standard of ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and while Pooshan Plastic produces and offers products in accordance with the demands of clients and other stakeholders by performing the following measures.


Innovation means transforming knowledge into new products and services or into new processes and new working methods. Innovation stimulates competition and affects our very existence. It creates jobs, increases growth and mobilises factors that can help a nation to improve the competitive strength of its economy. 


Considering top-quality production of Pooshan Plastic Co. by the use of expertized human resources, it is our aim to introduce our products to foreign countries in the recent years. This goal got defined in 2013, followed by an arrangement and provision of investigative studies on high consumers of Flexible Packaging products in bordering countries regarding the cost of shipment for setting production with market demands in such countries. 

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