Greenhouse Nylon

  • Suitable cover for use in all types of greenhouses
  • Creating ideal conditions for the growth of greenhouse products
  • Protect plants from UV rays
  • Provide the suitable temperature for plant growth

To construct a desirable greenhouse an appropriate cover must be provided upon before starting of construction.
One of the important factors regarding greenhouse nylon is its UV value, which can be changed upon the customers’ request. The Ultraviolet radiation can destroys polyethylene films in no time, which is quite crucial in greenhouses. UV protects greenhouse nylons against Ultraviolet radiation and its combination with anti-oxidants prevents nylon decay. Consequently, it increases the lifespan and strength of the greenhouse nylon.
Pooshan Plastic Company manufactures greenhouse nylon plastics with a maximum width of 5 m and thickness of 150 microns. Greenhouse nylon is manufactured in this company using the knowledge and experience of the specialists of this industry, high-tech, and unique additives.

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